About me

Marisa Fernandes
is a photo designer, born in Santarem (Portugal). Currently she lives in Germany (Duesseldorf). She loves the challenge to work with different people. The staging photography is her passion. Her goal is to work for magazines and fashion designers and to become a successful fashion photographer.
She discovered her passion for photography in her youth. With her first, analogue single lens reflex camera branded RICOH (KR-5 with a 55 mm lens) she hunted for interesting pictures. Meanwhile the collection of cameras got bigger and includes amongst others a Zenza BRONICA, a ROBOT Star II and a Polaroid SX-70. She shoots with Nikon.
During her school education she made work experiences in the area of photography & art. She collected well-founded knowledge in photography, image editing, graphics design, graphics layout and art. At the moment she studies at the university FH Dortmund “Design Media Communication” and focuses on photography. Whenever possible she assists a well-known fashion and portrait photographer (Joe Evans) near by Duesseldorf and visits workshops (e. g. offered by Felix Rachor, Joao Carlos Hasselblad Master 2009) to enhance her photography skills and to continuously learn more about it.
Her concepts are detailed and give a clear idea to all people involved in a project; this will facilitate the focussed and target oriented work. Her works are done in studios, in- and outdoor at interesting locations.
Customers: Fashion designers – Patrick Korytko, Helena Lüttich, Young-sil Park, Russana Fribus, Katharina Marojek, Andelic Donlic, Linda Mohrenz and individuals.
                      Magazine – Ellements Magazine, Pólisart Magazine